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QuasarService S.r.l. believes it is essential to pursue the satisfaction of all interested parties, as an indispensable condition for ensuring the continuity and success of its business initiatives; to this end, QUASAR Service S.r.l. has designed and implemented its own Quality Management System, applicable to all products manufactured ATEX/IECEx, with the following field of application: production and marketing of switchboards with Ex p, Ex e, Ex d, Ex n protection modes (full and empty enclosures) complete with any Ex accessories, air conditioners with Ex h protection mode intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, due to the presence of flammable gases, vapours or mists and/or combustible dusts (zones 1/21 and 2/22). The Quality Policy is the cornerstone of our Quality Management System based on sectoral and measurable objectives established by the Management. The fundamental objectives, constantly monitored over time, are: to obtain products that comply with technical and legislative regulatory requirements; to plan and improve processes over time by controlling all internal and external factors as well as relevant risk elements, guaranteeing a high quality level of products, services and processes; meet the expectations of the customer and all other interested parties (employees, suppliers, owners, certification body); improve the supplied product by choosing appropriate technical design and production solutions; planning and scheduling work and resources in order to facilitate the management of the process and to ensure compliance with the delivery times contractually agreed with the Customer; guaranteeing that the production process takes place under controlled conditions and in compliance with the requirements established with the Client, preventing Non-Compliance through appropriate control actions and, if necessary, planning Corrective Actions as part of the continuous improvement of the processes; guaranteeing adequate storage, preservation, packaging, handling and transport services so that the product maintains its conformity requirements until delivery; respect for the environment in the context of their production processes; the adoption of effective preventive actions in the field of safety in the workplace which, in addition to preventing harmful events, protect health, understood as the state of well-being of the worker in relation to working life. These fundamental objectives can be achieved: Providing its Customers with products that meet the agreed upon reference standards, requirements and specifications; minimizing the costs that the company faces to correct non-conformities, eliminating them mainly through prevention activities; motivating, involving and training personnel at all levels in the principles of quality, safety, prevention and environmental protection, promoting communication and the correct and timely circulation of data/information; by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, through the analysis of operating methods, the growth of personnel and the provision of the most suitable means for the purpose; by correctly and profitably managing relationships with Subcontractors and Suppliers of raw materials, equipment and services; measuring the quality of the product by disseminating the results achieved to all interested parties; ensuring the achievement of the objectives from time to time defined within the management system, through the empowerment of all those involved within the limits of their role and task, called upon to work proactively and in a spirit of mutual cooperation. The Quality System complies with the requirements contained in the international standard ISO 9001:2015 (with the exclusion of the design process), defines how each aspect of the work must be carried out, while clarifying what the interconnections between processes are so that the company is able to provide products that meet contractual and legislative specifications. Management disseminates this document to all interested parties and promotes all actions necessary for sustained success through the continued implementation of the Quality Management System and the improvement of products and processes. Approved on : 10.09.2018 Management: _____________________ QUALITY POLICY

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